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Tournament Play and Sponsorship

WAM does not limit the total entries, but asks that coaches abide by US Youth Soccer recommendations for practice vs game play (including travel and rest). https://www.usyouthsoccer.org/assets/1/6/pdi_february_2017.pdf

WAM will contribute up to 25% of a tournament’s entry fees, up to two tournaments per season (including post-season events). The amount of subsidization is subject to amounts needed to cover a tournaments entry fee where any all fundraising activities are insufficient to cover the cost of the tournament fees. Tournaments will not include the CT Cup, State Cup, or any district jamborees which WAM will pay for.

Fundraising is encouraged to defer the cost of tournament entry fees, probably the most feasible method is operating the concession stand and bringing in beverages and cooked food items to sell. Excess funds are held for future use. At no time should parents be "paid" directly with excess funds. All fundraising is controlled by the club. Individual teams can fundraise, but the funds are held by the WAM treasurer for legal and tax purposes as a nonprofit group. If additional funds are needed to pay for a tournaments registration fee, the cost is borne by the players participating. To assure that all participating team players are not excluded due to financial hardship, an individual players portion of the tournament entry fees can be considered for subsidization by the WAM co-chairs.