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Welcome Little Kicks!!!!! All the WAM Little Kicks coaches are very excited and looking forward to work with you over the 6-week program.

Program Kickoff is on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at 9:30am. (Arrive early so you won’t miss any part of your session). All sessions will be held at the upper field of Lions Park. Please check in at the table between the two large fields (Field 1 and 2).


We believe that development at an early age can often stamp the fundamentals for accelerated long-term growth. We have 6 Saturdays this Fall and hope that, during this time, what our coaches will provide and teach will get participants invigorated and eager to continue practicing what they have learned, love the game, and will grow to become effective players.

  1. We play for fun but we take practices seriously.  We want players participating to enjoy playing and look forward to attending the next session.
  2. Development - The drills we have identified and use are aimed at teaching the basics and fundamentals of soccer, then gradually progressing so that each player can progress comfortably and become confident in playing the game
  3. Parents are encouraged to learn and understand the game so that they can be a part of the long-term development of their child(ren)

Player Development

Our goals are to help each player:

  1. Develop fundamental ball control skills,
  2. Grow to be comfortable using their feet to play with the ball,
  3. As they progress, learn how to be play in team environment,
  4. Communicate with team members, and most of all 
  5. Enjoy playing the game of Soccer (football everywhere else in the world)


Little Kicks sessions are on Saturdays, beginning September 11. There will be a total of 6 sessions. If we have to cancel one Saturday session, we will make it up the next week, with the aim of completing 6 sessions, weather permitting. Each session will begin promptly at 9:30am and end at 10:45. Please come early so that there is ample time to check everyone in so you won’t miss the start of your session.

Player Gear

We will provide each player with a jersey/shirt, provided through the support of our sponsor, the Storrs Family Dentistry.

Also, each player should have WITH THEM,

  1. A size 3 ball
  2. Soccer cleats
  3. Shin pads
  4. Water bottle (no sharing)

Contact Information, etc.

Contact information are on the WAM website – under Team Pages/ Developmental/Little Kicks. You will see a list of the coaches and very basic information on the participants.