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Here is a synopsis of the new 2016-2017 rule changes that will most affect WAM United Soccer Club and yourselves as coaches. The referees in the Northeast District of CJSA have been educated in these rules and will be officiating matches beginning this Fall 2016 season under these new regulations. 

  • Kickoffs can now go in any direction
  • On free kick, if player less than 10 yds from kick gets hit by or intercepts the kick - play on.  If player intentionally delays the free kick, yellow card.
  • Breaks in game for water are officially allowed and time can be added to accommodate (at referee discretion)
  • If player loses shin guard or shoe, they can continue playing until a stoppage in play
  • On restarts, ball must clearly move (think fake corner kicks where 2nd player runs in and starts dribbling toward goal)
  • Offside can now occur on offenders side of mid field if they were on other side when ball is kicked and they come back over mid field and are first to touch the ball - indirect kick will be from the spot where ball is touched.
  • Attempted violent conduct is a Red Card, even if no contact
  • Striking on head/face when not challenging an opponent is a Red Card (unless negligible)
  • tape on socks s/b same color as socks

If you have further questions or need clarification regarding these new regulations please contact our Club Referee Guru, Eric Baughman directly at baughmaneric@gmail.com.

Click Here for the full 48 page document